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Tinopal Dairy Wala is a renowned provider of Dairy Animals in Haryana (India). Our 1955 establishment has built long-lasting business relations with the dairy farmers, dairy plant owners or home owners in the Indian dairy farming industry. The farm is known for the healthy Cross Breed Cow, Pure Sahiwal Cow, Heavy Hf Bull, Brown Gir Cow, White Cow, Jersey Cow, Sahiwal Cow and many dairy animals. Mr. Tarun is the promoter of the company whose aim is to manage business and build trust with customers. In this endeavor, we provide healthy animals at right prices. 

What We Offer?
Tinopal Dairy Wala is a provider of many dairy animals, of varied types and breeds. We keep the dairy cattle in our Karnal based units, where our skilled personnel handle and take care of them. They make sure all animals are properly fed, vaccinated, and medically treated. Customers can get cows of almost all breeds and milk yielding capacities they are looking for. Here is our comprehensive list:

  • Murrah Buffalo
  • Hf Cow
  • Holstein Friesian Calf
  • Holstein Friesian Bull
  • White Cow
  • Murrah Bull
  • Holstein Friesian Cow
  • Sahiwal Bull
  • Jersey Cow
  • Sahiwal Cow
  • Dairy Cows
  • Gir Cow
  • Dairy Murrah Buffalo
  • Black Murrah Buffalo
  • Indian Murrah Buffalo
  • Brown Gir Cow
  • Original Gir Cow
  • Dairy Gir Cow
  • Hf Bull
  • Heavy Hf Bull
  • Dairy Holstein Friesian Cattle
  • Holstein Friesian Calves
  • Black Murrah Bull
  • Purebred Murrah Bull
  • White Cattle
  • White Dairy Cow
  • Hf Dairy Cow
  • Holstein Cow

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Punjab National Bank & State Bank of India

"We are accepting orders above 5 units".