Why We Step Up Into Trading Farm Animals?
We are a family-run business, started by our grandparents, serving the dairy farm industry as a safe and trusted partner. We make available Holstein Cow, White Dairy Cow, Purebred Murrah Bull, Holstein Friesian Bull, Holstein Friesian Cow and many other dairy animals to dairy farm owners. 

How To Take Care Of Farm Animals?
Operating since 1955, we have a massive experience in supplying pure breed of cows, bulls and other cattle. The prestigious position we have achieved in this sector is all because of our hard work, dedication and innovative strategies. As we provide genetically superior animals, buyers must know their certain requirements:
It is important to know that the way animal rearers take care of mammals can have an impact on their milk yielding capacity. 

Our Units
Here at our farm, we take care of feed & drinking water requirements, hygiene and comfort of the cattle like White Dairy Cow, Purebred Murrah Bull, Holstein Cow, etc. Keeping in mind the health of the livestock, we give them proper vaccination with the help of veterinary doctors. Also, we follow all the prescriptions provided by the medical experts regarding the health of the cattle. We have transport fleet to supply dairy animals to different regions safely. 

What We Stress Upon?
In the process of possession and supply to dairy farms and plants, as well as in between the transportation, we assure proper upkeep of buffaloes, bulls, cows and calves. Their comfort and safety are our priorities.

"We are accepting orders above 5 units".