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Purchase dairy cow, buffalo or bull of any breed for your dairy farm from Tinopal Dairy Wala..

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About Tinopal Dairy Wala

Dairy farming is one of the oldest businesses in India, that provides a trusted and dependable source of income for farmers and agricultural laborers. Our country tops the chart of largest milk producing nations, worldwide. Dairy farming is a profitable business, given to the increasing demand for dairy products all year round, less energy and labor requirements. One of the most important element of the dairy farms is Cattle. Tinopal Dairy Wala is a specialist in providing dairy animals of different breeds, all capable of generating high milk yields. The Karnal, Haryana (India) based company supplies dairy cattle to milk & milk products producers in dairy sector. Led by Mr. Tarun, our company can also make available high genetic merit bulls of Holstein-Friesian (Hf) and Murrah breeds. We are operating as Supplier & Trader of Pure HF Cow, Pure Jersey Cow, Murrah Buffaloes, Murrah Breed Buffalo, Murrah Bull, Holstein Friesian Calf, Holstein Friesian Cow, Heavy Hf Bull, and many such animals, since 1955.
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Why We Step Up Into Trading Farm Animals?

Presently, the number of dairy farms in India involved in milk production is about 76 million. This number is subjected to increase with time, as the industry is expecting high growth for next financial year. Dairy cows and buffaloes form the key elements of any farm....

How To Take Care Of Farm Animals?

We have genuine love for welfare of all cows, buffaloes and bulls, and seek the same in the buyers, as dairying requires 24 hours work a day without any holiday. The buyers, dairy farm owners, must know how to handle and manage the animals...

Our Units

We keep cows, buffaloes and bulls in three units, all in Karnal. We keep them in shelter, preventing them from high/ low temperature, strong sunlight, heavy rainfall, high humidity, strong winds and other harsh environmental conditions. Our personnel take care of their...
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